Dave Mason is a professional photographer, videographer tv producer and director.  His directing and producing work has taken him to the UK, Holland, Germany, USA and NZ.  Dave is a keen fine art historian and this is reflected in his photographic work with attention to detail being the top priority.  Before photography came along, artists were in demand who could portray a good likeness to their subjects, Gainsborough in particular was a prolific portrait painter because of this gift. Before him, Rembrandt  was an excellent portrait painter in the 1600's (albeit that a lot of those portraits were selfies of the man himself). But it is these two artists who have influenced Dave the most in his photographic work: Gainsborough for his landscapes and famed portaits and Rembrandt for his lighting techniques. Nowadays most people have a smart phone in their pocket  and can get some good snaps BUT when it comes to a photograph with that X factor talk to Dave about making it happen.  We are based in Orewa, Auckland but can travel to you and have a portrait session in your own home or choice of location.  Take a look at our portfolios on the website to see what we can do and use the contact form to arrange a session.